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Just a short note to let those who tried to reach me know that I am back online. The problem was a "Feeder Cable" and with the drizzle in the desert, Verizon was inundated with repair requests on regular phone lines resulting in a week of waiting to get connected to my DSL. In the mean time, the swore up and down that the problem was my wireless router and I went out to buy a new one. Finally they admitted that the problem was on their end.
Fortunately, I like the new router which is the D-Link 614+ Enhanced 2.5 GHz Wireless Router - a much easier router to set up than the Orinoco I was using for the last 18 months.  (and it is one of the flat models that does not fall over). The price was great IF you can find the $10.00 coupons at Best Buy. My wife picked up the router which was $149.00 after rebate and actually paid less than $80.00 for it using coupons at Best Buy.
So if you are looking for DSL I advise you stay away from Verizon (you get what you pay for) and if you need a great wireless router, I highly recommend the D-Link DI-614+.
BTW, Thanks to those like Steve Gordin who called me to see it I was still alive and kicking - I appreciate the concern a great deal.
Best Regards,
Dennis S. Wish, PE