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Re: concrete resistant to ferrous sulfate

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You could try sulfur concrete. With this you don't use portland cement. You blend a modified sulfur (the regular stuff won't work), rock, sand and filler. You then melt it down at about 200 deg. F and place it like regular concrete. As soon as it is cool, it is hard.  We easily got strengths of 5000 psi. With the right kind of aggregate, it can resist sulfuric acid for years.

Of course this system has its drawbacks. If there is a fire in the plant, the stuff will melt again, so I wouldn't use it for structural applications. It is also a bit more expensive and requires a specialty production and placing crew. I don't know specifically about resistance to ferrous sulfate, but like I said, sulfuric acid won't touch it.

Jay Shilstone

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A coating such as an epoxy or methymethacylate would provide an impervious barrier. Concrete additives such as silica fume or even a latex-modified concrete (Dow Modifier A or Sika Albitol)  would greatly increase the durability.
Ken Johnson
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Subject: concrete resistant to ferrous sulfate

I have a client who has a building with several tanks containing ferrous sulfate.  The existing concrete floor slabs on grade are badly deteriorated and he wants to replace them to create a containment area.  I had a Sika rep. in to see them and he is recommending complete replacement with some sort of topping - the type of which has not yet been determined, but he is suggesting doing some testing to be sure that what they come up with will hold up.  My client would like to know if it is possible to use some sort of additive to the concrete rather than a topping.  Any of your experiences with this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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