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RE: wind loads II

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Bob Ross wrote:
Is it not interesting: That as long as we build in the Southern States
the hurricanes continue to destroy the structures; in the mid-West the
tornadoes come thru and destroy the prototype, tract, and
premanufactured homes, (and we or that is some communities still permit
construction within the flood plains) and in the West the earthquake
shakes and things come tumbling down.
Don't be so morose!  It is these phenomena, plus gravity, that keep us gainfully employed as structural engineers.  I am sure that the folks in the Northern States would like to add snow loads and frost heave to your list.  On behalf of Texas, I would also like to add expansive clay soils.  According to the Construction Research Center at the University of Texas at Arlington (a.k.a., UT-Almost), based on a long-term study in the United States, expansive clay soils annually cause more expenditures in property damage than all other natural disasters combined.  Of course, the good news is that expansive clay soils have not yet caused any known loss of life.
I will be out of the office on Monday, fretting over foundation repairs to my house.  It is my hope that several new cast-in-place concrete piers will prevent my den from continuing its migration down-slope toward the swimming pool.  Perhaps I will even be able to jack it more-or-less back where it belongs.  Still, this sure beats hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes!
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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