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Re: Grouting the base plates

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 I have not done this  yet but you could place the baseplates after pouring of concrete taking care to keep  the baseplate level until the concrete hardens. The anchor rods  should have nuts below the concrete level where the baseplate will rest. The columns can then be welded to the base plates.
Alex Nacionales, C.E.
 Reza Dashti <rezadashti(--nospam--at)> wrote:Hi,

It has been my understanding that dry pack grouting is used when you have a
gap of 1-1/2" or more under the base plates and that fluid grouts are used
for 1/2"a concrete elevated slab,we have 10"x10" base plates (typ.) with 3"x3" shim
plates in the center of base plates used during the installation of columns.
Gaps are 3/4" to 1-1/2". Is there anyway to use dry pack (or similar) and
avoid fluid grout ? (to avoide forming around the base plate and using head

Reza Dashti P.Eng.
Vancouver, BC

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