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RE: Quonset Hut

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It must be remembered that Quonset Huts were created in WW2 to provide 
temporary shelters that could be quickly erected and dismantled.  War was the 
the hazard that the military faced, and large safety factors were not a 

That said, information on Quonset Huts would probably best be found in Army 
and Seabee manuals, if the Quonset Huts were surplus from WW2.  (Millions 
were sold as war surplus at the end of the war.)  If the Quonset Huts were 
post-WW2 buildings shaped like WW2 Quonset Huts, then they should have been 
designed in accordance with the code of that era.

I was involved in designing a building years ago that used surplus WW2 
Quonset Hut parts (ribs).  The mill heat/manufacturer was rolled into the web 
of the rib and by calling the mill (U. S. Steel), I was able to get the 
mechanical properties of the heat, orally, but not in writing.

As an arch, the critical loading would probably be unbalanced loading.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Jeff Fertich wrote:

. > Is there any good advice about analyzing a quonset hut? Several here in 
. > the MD, VA area, failed under snow load.

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