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RE: Correcting out of level wood frame structures (was: a frame s horing)

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Jim,  you might want to consider the effect this jacking would have on your doors and windows.  If your windows were set level (as I assume they would have been), they might become out of level after leveling the house and bind.  
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Subject: Correcting out of level wood frame structures (was: a frame shoring)

Changing the subject a little, I'm aware of a new home which was built both out of level and out of plumb by over 2 degrees in some locations. Probes suggested no structural distress of any kind. Foundation settlement was also not an issue. A suggestion arose from another consultant to attempt to correct this via jacking and/or pulling of floor beams and long-term creep of the wood frame. Does anyone have any experience with this?
I was more than a little skeptical of this approach but had been assured that it would work. BTW, this is not a current project. Just a question for interest.
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