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Re: Correcting out of level wood frame structures

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I can't see how jacking the structure and re-leveling the bottom will 
ensure the plumbness of interior bearing and partition walls, level 
floors except for the first new level slab or platform and the re-
setting of door and window jambs. If the structure was built without 
addressing the proper alignment during the construction phase there is 
no returning to an "original desired condition". One can achieve 
closeness. One can cover alot with false walls and drywall and cement 
furred walls.

I've experienced this after the Whittier EQ. And also when called upon 
to re-set multi-storied, split level structures due to heave of highly 
expansive soils and relocating homes off slide areas. If the structure 
was never in a proper alignment when originally built it does not want 
to assume that shape no matter how much hope, pushing and shoving is 
done. And, moving from a 22-ounce hammer to a 4-lb maul and eventually 
to a 12-lb sledge hammer still does not mend the original poor 

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