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CMU wall design for out-of-plane loads

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Dear Fellow Engineers:

Under section 2108.2.4.4 of 97UBC, there are seven equations (from 8-19 to
8-25) associated with walls having axial load of 0.04fm' or less.  I am
wondering if these set of formulas can be equally applied to the next
section (i.e. 2108.2.4.5) for walls with axial load between 0.04fm' and
0.2fm' and the slenderness ratio h/t does not exceed 30.  No equations,
other than (8-26), are given in this section.

My axial stress is 135 psi under service load (my fm' = 2500 psi), and h/t =
18.5.  I have talked to some engineers.  Some said that I can use those
equations and some told me that I can not use them.  What do you think?

I appreciate your informative advice.

Kenny Yip, P.E.
Jones Engineers
Bellingham, WA

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