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Damaged concrete wall

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Title: Damaged concrete wall

I have a building that has exterior concrete walls for a height of about 40ft.  The building has one floor diaphragm and a uniquely framed arched roof (it's a 1948 USO/ U.S. Armory structure).  At the exterior perimeter there is a jog in the concrete walls but not with dimensions that would make it a re-entrant corner.  The concrete wall that is perpendicular to the parallel walls that are jogged has moved outward in one corner possibly due to seismic or foundation settlement (not sure yet what caused problem).  The movement is on the order of 1.5" to 2.0".  The wall that moved is also adjacent to a concrete column that has an arched haunch (smooth formed corbel) at the top.  The columns have steel tie-rods to take the thrust force from the roof.  My question is how should one recommend a repair for this movement?  Should the wall/column be pulled back into place and then chip out concrete at the vertical cracked region to permit an adhesive agent to be applied?  Can the movement be ignored and just seal the crack as long the beam being supported by the column has adequate bearing?  I would like to hear any and all thoughts on how to deal with this situation.  Thank you.

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