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Re: FF/FL flatness testing for concrete

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I?ve been told that the F-meter will give the same
results as the Dipstick and in fact one of the
important requirements during its development was that
it give the same results as those obtained using a
Dipstick. The F-meter was designed by Allen Face ? the
same guy who designed the Dipstick, so I?m sure that
he designed the F-meter to be at least equal to the

The big advantage of the F-meter seems to be the speed
with which it can be used.  Increased speed allows a
technician to take more readings.  The more ff/fl
readings that are taken, the more precise the final
ff/fl numbers are.

I?m also curious if anyone on this list has any
experience with the F-meter.  Specifically, I?m
wondering if the F-meter requires that the floor
cleaner than might be required if a Dipstick were to
be used.  It would seem that the Dipstick can jump
over little obstructions ? while things like cigarette
butts might adversely affect measurements taken with
the F-meter (which rolls on wheels).  

I?d also be curious to see comparisons of ff/fl
numbers measured on a floor with both machines.

Clifford Schwinger

> Does anyone know if the newer F-Meter is considered
> to be equal to, better or less than the Dipstick
> should two parties have differing results for the

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