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Re: ASD and T's

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I need some help with ASD.  Still being somewhat a newby, I never learned ASD.  Another engineer here is trying to find the equation to determine fb for a WT in bending.  I found the equation in my silver book, but can't locate it in a green book.  Can someone enlighten me as to where this equation is in the green ASD book?Respectfully,

Jake Watson, P.E.Salt Lake City, UT

It is not in the ASD Specification. Ellifritt, Wine, Sputo, and Samuel discuss this in their paper "Flexural Strength of WT Sections," AISC Engineering Journal, 2nd Qtr, 1992. They recommend 0.6Fy subject to the slender element modifications. Appendix B of this paper addresses slenderness limits of the stems of tees under flexural compression. THere is enough information in this paper to determine an applicable fb for a tee using ASD.

Davis G. Parsons II, PE RA AEI
a practical architectural engineer
in Fort Worth, Texas