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section 1633.2.9 (3) / masonry veneer

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i have a building with a 4" brick and stone veneer supported on metal studs, 
that are braced to a wood diaphragm building with special steel braced frames 
and special steel moment frames.  the wording of this section of the code is 
unclear as to whether it applies to masonry and concrete shear wall / bearing 
wall buildings or any wood diaphragm building that has masonry walls of any 
sort.  a case could be made that a veneer could have a mass approaching that 
of an 8" concrete wall.  I know the intent of this provision would not apply 
to a building that has a 1" masonry veneer on stucco, but without a limiting 
load case or definition where do you cut off? 

if it is some sort of mass based definition, what about buildings  that 
utilize a concrete topping slab on wood diaphragm?

thanks in advance for any thoughts on this issue.

paul franceschi s.e. 

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