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Re: FF/FL flatness testing for concrete

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A friend of mine in the concrete business is getting his F-Meter upgraded this week to the new model that prints graphs.  We intend to do a comparison between the 2 different pieces of equipment to see how they compare.

It takes us about 3 to 3.5 hours to test a 30,000 sf slab with a Dipstick.  This is the actual testing time and not the time required to "layout" the test run locations.  I would assume and F-meter would be able to do the same section in 30-40 minutes although the floor cleanliness would be an issue.  The only time saving I see is the actual testing time.  I took us about 1 hour, to layout the test run locations and this would be the same for either piece of equipment.

If you can get on the slab in real early, I doubt floor cleanliness would be that much of an issue.  But if you get there in during the next two days rather than immediately following the pour, the cleanliness could be a big issue. Some of the elevated slabs are being used for storage the next day after it is poured.  They have electrical cords, hoses etc scattered across the slab and have already made it fairly dirty within 24 hours.

Ron Martin
Tuscaloosa, AL

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