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RE: Slab on grade Crack repairs

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Title: RE: Slab on grade Crack repairs


Do you have any information as to why such cracks occurred?  Is the slab restrained by reinforcing bars at some walls and free to slide at other locations?  I've been somewhat fortunate with my PT design projects to not have had any large cracks of this nature, but they were also parking structures and leakage wasn't as big a deal as you have.  Can you evaluate the slab and determine how it will perform if you destress one tendon in the region of the crack, and locate the mild steel with either rebar locators or other methods.  This may allow you some more comfort (or the contractor) who may be performing the repair.  Just a thought.

Bill S. Marczewski, P.E.
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Subject: Slab on grade Crack repairs


I have a case of a long crack in a Post tensioned Slab with water leakage
through it. they've used epoxy on it, it didn't work, any ideas for
permanent repair.

Thanks in advance,

Ed Najjarine, SE

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