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RE: Slab on grade Crack repairs

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Title: RE: Slab on grade Crack repairs
I was thinking in terms of how the repair might actually be performed.  If the contractor has to do any chipping operations, this could be an uncomfortable situation with a stressed tendon under his nose.  I used to have to evaluate the loss of tendons due to contractors hitting them with forming nails and then stating they are not sure why the tendon broke.  Irregardless we would evaluate the loss of a tendon using ADAPT (software program) to see how the slab behaved without that specific tendon.  My thoughts were oriented towards determining how important the specific tendon might be if the crack were longitudinal.  Now that I think about it, it probably (the crack) crosses many tendons, and my comment is irrelevant.  Sorry for the confusion.
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Subject: RE: Slab on grade Crack repairs

Sorry, I do not understand your technique or maybe I missed your point re the following - can you explain what you mean?
Thank you.
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 Can you evaluate the slab and determine how it will perform if you destress one tendon in the region of the crack, and locate the mild steel with either rebar locators or other methods.  This may allow you some more comfort (or the contractor) who may be performing the repair.  Just a thought.