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OSB Sheathed Truss

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I received a call from a homeowner regarding a new home he was having constructed.  The building inspector would not accept some of the roof framing without a letter from an engineer.  The carpenter built a gable shape truss across the garage to support the ceiling and roof.  The truss is 1.5" thick (single ply) made from field fabricated wood (verses prefabricated pressed metal plates) and covered with 1/2" OSB on both faces.  The OSB is attached with staples.

My gut feeling is that I can get this to work using analogy similar to plywood box beams.  Although I do not have a rectangular shaped beam elevation, I was going to calculated shears and moments along the length of the truss and calculate the force couple in the flange from moment as the flanges spread apart and shear in OSB.  I don't like staples for structural connectors so I was going to require nails be added.

Any words of wisdom for analyzing this?



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