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approach slab

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One function of an approach slab is to prevent wheel loading within the 
height of the backwall of the abutment, thereby avoiding application of a 
surcharge to the soil pressure.  The minimum length of an approach slab that 
I use is 10' (3 m), but not less than the length of the abutment wing walls 
or the height of the backwall.

Another function of an approach slab is to minimize damage from wheels 
hammering the top edge of the abutment backwall as a result of soil 
consolidation due to traffic loads.

I have always designed approach slabs as simply supported slabs with one end 
supported on the abutment backwall and the other end supported on the 
ground.  This will provide a structurally adequate slab in the event of any 
unanticipated soil consolidation behind the abutment.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Raul Marino wrote:

. > Taking advantage that they speak of this topic if somebody could help me 
. > to understand   when it is necessary the approach slab and how to make of 
. > the calculate ?
. > Thanks for your Helps,
. > Regards
. > Raul Marino

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