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RE: Slab on grade Crack repairs

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Soliciting information over the internet along with comprehensive research on the subject (ACI 224.1R, and other available technical letters on the subject) is very effective, and can provide the necessary information on any subject. We can't simply limit ourselves to what we know best. The client need to be informed also about the different possibilities and risks. Bottom line, with research and educated common sense, you can't go wrong (well, most of the time)
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At the risk of jumping to unfair conclusions, I would note that concrete repair is actually a fairly extensive field of expertise.

If I knew nothing about it,  I would probably not feel comfortable making recommendations to an owner based on opinions I had solicited over the Internet.  The reason there is such a high percentage of failure with concrete repairs is that they are often done by people without appropriate expertise (as in no expertise) who simply copy details and specs from another project or a repair manual.

I personally would not recommend polyurethane injection for a slab with traffic loading, because I have not seen that it works.  It might be appropriate for a roof slab where movement is due to thermal expansion and contraction (very slow).  Movement at cracks due to traffic loading is much faster, and the sealant probably has shear stresses as well as tensile and compressive stresses.

Injection repair is also considerably more expensive that rout and seal -  typically it is on the order of $30-$40 per lf  versus $3 - $4  per lf.   And possibly worst of all,  if it fails,  finding the location of the failure is a lot like chasing a plumbing leak in your house.

Gail S. Kelley
(who happens to be female)