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RE: Slab on grade Crack repairs

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My, you are feeling your Wheaties today; it will be interesting to see his reply.


Do you know an engineer named Evan Rowles from Pittsburgh; he is the local ICRI president, I use to work with him before moving to NJ last fall.  I’ve done a fair amount of concrete restoration during my career, but very little P/T restoration other than an occasional anchorage blowout. I’ve found that the most difficult thing is just keeping up with the mew products/materials.  Have you ever worked with Western Waterproofing, Inc.? I know and have worked with the President, Bill Bishop, out of St. Louis, but they do work all over the US. They are always looking for experienced local engineers to help them out, as it is routine for owners to contact them first before obtaining any engineering expertise.  My pet peeve with restoration work is engineers who try to guess at what’s going on without first doing the proper due-diligence, i.e. petrographics, the ye old chain drag, etc.


I know what you mean about upsetting other engineers with your written opinions in articles. I did a piece on F-Numbers for Structural Engineer a year ago and a guy out of Texas wrote a letter to the Editor just about threatening to shoot me for some of the things I had to say.  It’s kind of like the SEAINT List, you share your opinion about something in an effort to just put your experience out there for others and there is always going to be some guy (or gal) ready to take you to task for even having an opinion.


Matthew Stuart

Soliciting information over the internet along with comprehensive research on the subject (ACI 224.1R, and other available technical letters on the subject) is very effective, and can provide the necessary information on any subject. We can't simply limit ourselves to what we know best.

I would have to disagree with just about all of the above.  This is a sizeable difference between "not limiting ourselves to what we know best"  and "making recommendations we are unqualified to make".   

I would also note that ACI 224.1 (written in the early 90s) is not really considered "state of the art".  It is, however, a good reference for someone knows very little about concrete repair.

Gail S. Kelley