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RE: auger cast piles

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Title: RE: auger cast piles


You might try contacting the Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors (ADSC) via search on the web.  I've been out of the loop on this for several years, but have previously attended some great seminars sponsored by this organization.  I would imagine that by now they have published some documents.  Many engineering firms are also members of this group.  William Neely who was with VSL and used to be a regular speaker on the subject is very well informed if you can track him down in the North Carolina office assuming he's still there.  I also believe that the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) sponsored a joint publication with ADSC.  I'll look into some old documents in my library and post it if I find anything useful.  Definately won't be related to the IBC as I'm not evev using it here in Oregon yet.  I have a 20 page document specifically on this subject if you would like me to fax it to you?  Good luck.

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Subject: auger cast piles

I am working on the reinforcement design for axially, and laterally loaded
auger cast piles, and am having difficulties understanding IBC section
1809.3.1. This section is entitled "allowable stress", does this mean that
auger cast piles should be designed using ASD as opposed to LRFD? Does
anyone have a good reference from ACI or other regarding the material design
(not Geotechnical design) of auger cast piles?
Thanks in advance,
James B. Jones Jr., P.E.

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