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RE: Slab on grade Crack repairs

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Obviously, real world situations vary widely. However, I will have to in general disagree with you. Everyone has to have their first experience with everything. In the present situation, it could be a case with a residence with crack. The typical home-owner is not going to hire Walter P Moore to do their repairs, and none of the concrete repair specialty contractors are going to do the work.


However, the problem still needs solved and a prudent engineer who does his research carefully can provide a reasonable and satisfactory solution. The next project this engineer works on may be a little bigger and a little more complex (And while ACI 224.1 is not state of the art, it certainly provides the basis to solve many (maybe even most) concrete repair problems in a satisfactory manner). I would hate to see where we would be if we never grew our profession experience. I guess we would do nothing.


Also, keep in mind, while you seem to be on the upper end of the curve in regards to structural engineering knowledge, everyone can’t be in the upper 5%, only 5% can be. And if the other 95% quit, 95% of the 5% would no longer be in the upper 5% (Did this make any sense? J).


OTOH, obviously your first concrete repair job should not be the foundation at the astrodome.


Eric Green, PE

- Speaking for myself, any no one else.


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Soliciting information over the internet along with comprehensive research on the subject (ACI 224.1R, and other available technical letters on the subject) is very effective, and can provide the necessary information on any subject. We can't simply limit ourselves to what we know best.

I would have to disagree with just about all of the above.  This is a sizeable difference between "not limiting ourselves to what we know best"  and "making recommendations we are unqualified to make".   

I would also note that ACI 224.1 (written in the early 90s) is not really considered "state of the art".  It is, however, a good reference for someone knows very little about concrete repair.

Gail S. Kelley