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RE: Slurry cast v Auger cast Piles

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This is going to be installed in deep clay soils, 16” piles 40 feet long. The contractor wants to make the change to reduce cost and speed up the schedule. Of course, the geotechnical engineer will be involved in the decision.


Eric Green


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I would be very careful with this.  The auger cast system is sometimes dictated by your soil conditions.  With the auger cast system, the auger is drilled to the recommended depth and then the grout is pumped down the center as the auger is removed.  This keeps the soil from caving in during grout installation and the pressure provides a good soil/grout interface.  If you have deep and relatively narrow diameter piles then the slurry method (depending on how they do it) could cause significant problems.  I would first consult your geotechnical engineer.  If you have loose soil or soil with sand layers then this could be a bad idea.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
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03/06/2003 12:48 PM
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        Subject:        Slurry cast v Auger cast Piles

I have a contactor who wants to use slurry cast rather than auger cast piles as were specified on the drawings. Anyone know any reason I should not allow this? It seems like a reasonable request to me (obviously we will reconsider the design of the piles in light of the change in pier type [depth, diameter, reinforcing, etc]).
Eric Green, PE