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Concrete Diaphragm

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A couple of questions regarding a concrete slab poured over metal deck and composite beams with studs..........

The diaphragm strengths (as published in Vulcraft's deck catalog) seem like they are based upon transfer thru the metal deck and the welds holding the deck to the collector element. If you have 3/4" headed studs (from the collector into the slab above the deck as in typical composite beam construction) transferring diaphragm forces directly to the slab above the metal deck, can the diaphragm capacities be increased above the published values? Can the capacity of the diaphragm be based upon the shear capacity of the slab only (ignoring the effects of the metal deck and its fasteners)? 

Can the diaphragm strength above the metal deck be increased with say #4 at 12" oc. each way (acting as both flexural and shear reinforcement) in the concrete topping above the metal deck?

Jim K.

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