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Thick Concrete Walls, no non-linear EQ dissipation.

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I considering a design with thick 16" concrete walls, for a two story home.
Design minimums for steel detailing and concrete strength as defined in
section 1921 of the 1997 UBC are as stated in 1921.2.1.1 "for design
forces...earthquake motions...basis of energy dissipation in the nonlinear
range of response." What force level is required to be in compliance with
1921 by not using dissipation in the nonlinear range? I suspect an omega
factor of 2.8 or more, or there is no such provision as a non-ductile

Does Em represent a seismic force that is not reduced by using dissipation
in the nonlinear range? That is set E=omega*(ro*Eh + Ev) and Em=(omega^2)Eh
and use also use a maximum reliability/Redundancy factor of 1.5

What is the best source for air entrained concrete specifications, strength,
thermal R values, moisture resistance, placement problems and recommended

David Merrick, SE

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