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Resize (Reduce) Pictures, Bitmap, Meta, or JEPG files

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When I try to paste pictures (files) such as bitmap, meta, JEPG files, I have often find the size of file way too large to fit into Mathcad page. And the file sizes increases drastically even for the files that allows me to shrink it down.

Is there a reasonably priced software that can reduce (shrink) the size of file (like reduce resolutions) after the picture is digitized or scaned? It is time consuming to retake the picture or re-scan the diagram.

Following utilities are available in my computer:

Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition 1.1
Microsoft Photo Editor 3.01
Microsoft Paint version 5.0
Mathcad 2001 Professional
Microsoft Office 2000 (Word, excel, etc)

They are all so complicated, to know if it has that capacity!



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