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Re: Slab on grade Crack repairs

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Just a couple of thoughts, rather late, on crack repair.
The issue is not so much whether post tensioning exists, but the objectives of the repair.
1. Is the repair meant to reinstate the structural integrity of the slab; if so, does the repair need to carry dead and live, or only live load.
2. Is the repair meant to prevent water infiltration/penetration and, if so, is this under pressure.
3. Is there any aesthetic consideration.
4. What is the likely thermal movement.
5. What is the likely structural movement.
6. Does the repair need to provide corrosion protection to embedded steel.
7. Is there any hidden damage that first needs to be addressed - typically tendon/rebar corrosion.
8. Is any resistance required to chemical exposure, including petroleum products.
9. Does the repair need to fully penetrate the crack and how accessible is the opposite side; additionally, what flow/wetting characteristics do you need from the repair material.
Answering these questions will usually provide the answer as to how to repair the crack. Perhaps others on the list can think of other potential issues.
Finally, whatever product is used, be sure it has been used in the past with success in your area. Always let someone else do the field experimentation.
James Cohen, PE
James Cohen Consulting, PC
Pennington, NJ