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Re: TJI pro/150

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Hi Ahcene,
This TJI joist is very overloaded. None of the reinforcing methods shown in any Trus Josit literature will provide adequate capacity for this highly loaded situation. The use af additional TimberStrand LSL material next to each joist may be the easiest solution.
Your local Trus Joist office, in Denver, can provide you with local assistance to solve this loading case.
Paul Nicholas is the Rocky Mountain Regional Engineer and can be reached at 303-770-6262.
Thank you,
Mike Perakis, P.E.
Trus Joist
Great Lakes Regional Engineer

>>> adjebli(--nospam--at) 03/06/03 07:25PM >>>

Hello All,

I have one client they misplaced the foundation wall about 5". Now I have
Joists TJI Pro/150 of the main floor supporting two floors and the roof.
Each Joist end up support a end force of 3500 Lb at the enf of the 5"
catilever.In other word the TJI will have to support a shear force of 3500
Lb. I was thinking about reinforcing it like the reinforced LPI joist or
reinforced with two steel plate and check as a flitch beam, Or support it
with an angle bolted @ 4' O.C. or...? I need to see what other people did
in this case. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Ahcene Djebli, Structural Eng.
Secure Foundation & structures Inc.
Fort Collins, CO 80521

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