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Philosophy of School Design - Was: Long

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Ignoring the fact that most people consider children defenseless and lack 
experience to know what is happening and what to do, there is nothing to 
prevent you from designing *all* of your structures with the same factor of 
safety.  The code only provides *minimum* levels for design, which may or may 
not be safe in any or all particular applications.  What to use is called 
"professional judgement."

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Eric Green wrote:

. > Why should schools be designed to a higher degree of safety than other
. > structures? Personally, when it comes to engineer structures, it is my
. > opinion that everyone deserves the same degree of safety, regardless of
. > age.

. > I can't image how I would feel, if for example, during a earthquake, a
. > school I designed stood, while an office building I designed did not,
. > killing 100's of people, and the difference was that I used a higher
. > factor of safety on the school, yet left the office building occupants
. > hanging out on a proverbial limb, and I did it on purpose, with
. > foresight. 

. > What am I missing? And yes, I do have children.

. > Eric Green

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