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RE: Philosophy of School Design - Was: Long Beach CA -- March 10 , 1933

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"Or, can you see the need for a reduced speed,because there is the
possibility that there might be children in the vicinity.  I think that some
of the same increase for concern can, and should be, be applied to the
design requirements for schools."

I don't think the reasoning is the same.  Children are far more likely to
behave erratically and dart into the road than adults are, so it makes sense
to drive slower and be prepared to stop more quickly around children than
around adults.  I don't think children's erratic behavior makes them
correspondingly any more like to be in an earthquake, though I'm quite sure
they would find ways to cause them accidently if they could.  You could
certainly argue that children are less likely to respond appropriately to a
diaster, so society ought to work harder to keep them out of that situation,
but I think this reasoning is less direct than the traffic analogy, the
difference being between avoiding disaster and dealing with it once it has
happened.  I think that the main reason for it is that most people value the
lives and safety of their children and grandchildren above their own, and
emphasis on school safety over other places makes sense as the societal
expresion of individual values.  

Paul Crocker, (PE and SE irrelevant to this discussion)  

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