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RE: Philosophy of School Design - Was: Long Beach CA -- March 10 , 1933

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Title: RE: Philosophy of School Design - Was: Long Beach CA -- March 10, 1933

Good Job Nels,  What a great day in our history. 

Had I been in a position of authority I believe I would have argued that the added DSA requirements ensure the safety for the user and the benefit for the post event recovery. Additionally I would not want to have to reconstruct the schools again and again after the earthquakes from management standpoint.

Further I would recommend the same level of design and inspection to any user of a structure I design.  I personally believe the schools and hospitals have the details and inspection necessary for a sound design and construction. Hence they perform much better then the typical structure.  I once asked a client if he wanted to design for the not yet adopted UBC 85 diaphragm tie requirements or the Building code 82 UBC code requirements.  The response was what was cheaper!  I carry insurance for that.  Well in 94 the operation was shut down for several months while the walls were retied to the roof diaphragm.

The economic life of the structures must be part of the discussion. I think schools are here for the long term and as such should withstand these events.

Just my thoughts.

Dan Novak

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I think that the reason for the higher standard of seismic resistant design
for public schools is that children are mandated to be in school.  We have a
higher responsibility for their safety because we give them no legal
option -- they must be there everyday.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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