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RE: who is an expert?

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Mark Geoghegan wrote:

. > The real "danger" from internet/list-type responses it that often the
. > replies do not address the complete subject matter. They give you bits and
. > pieces of info. Case in point - Ed's original post was subject titled "Re:
. > Slab on grade Crack repairs". But reading the post's contents it seemed to
. > be more related to a suspended slab since there was water leakage, etc and
. > no mention that it was ground supported. Virtually all the repair 
. > responses addressed suspended-PT slabs too. I guess we just got to be 
. > careful.

In a private dialogue with Ed, I asked, "Is water going down thru the 
crack, or coming up thru the crack?"  The response was that it was coming 
up.  I believe that single fact put potential solutions in an entirely 
different light.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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