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Florida Condo

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According to confirmed news reports,  the recommendation to evacuate the Florida condo building was made by the Pepper Engineering Group.

News report also indicate that three "independent contractors" gave their opinions, but doesn't say what they gave their opinions on, or what their qualifications for opining were.  I have usually found that one has to be  careful when taking a contractor's opinion on an engineering problem,  unless they also happen to be an engineer.

One of my favorite quotes is from a magazine aimed at the real estate market, written by a large concrete repair contractor that spends large amounts of money advertising their experience in post-tensioning repair.

The quote is:

"When post-tensioning tendons corrode, they break easily, unleashing tremendous forces that can be damaging to the structure and harmful to the building occupants. Because of the great forces and dangers involved, it is important to closely evaluate, monitor, and repair post-tensioned parking structures."

Hypotethically speaking, a building owner who is worried about "great dangers"  might be very motivated to hire a repair contractor to address those dangers.

Gail Kelley

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