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Here are some more of my favorite quotes from published articles. Although,  some people might get confused by the fact they are being told that a 270 ksi strand "carries" 30,000 psi.  Would you really want to hire someone who can't even do the math?

Hint:  strand area = 0.153 * 270 ksi * 0.8 = 33 kips (the force that a 0.5-inch strand is stressed to,  ACI 318 limits the stressing force to 80% of the ultimate strength of the strand.

Gail Kelley

Dick Bonin, a marketing representative for The Western Group, a company that performs post-tension tendon and concrete repairs, said when one of them snaps it's like a .44 Magnum going off. "These tendons carry over 30,000 psi. You are taking a 100-foot, half-inch wire rope and stretching it close to 10 inches like a rubber band. These things can cut a hole in a car. They can come out of the concrete and blow concrete for two blocks if you don't watch it." 

Bonin has seen the destruction in vivid detail. "I've looked at some pictures that would scare the hell out of you," he says, "where the wires have gone through the concrete and gone through walls and doors. They [the cables] are under tremendous pressures and can be very dangerous." 

Bonin's comments are echoed by Arnie Rodio, owner of Pacesetter Plumbing in Lancaster, Calif. "There's a story about the cables coming out of slabs and cutting a guy's foot off." 


Gail Kelley

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