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RE: Fire Sprinkler Support

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Title: RE: Fire Sprinkler Support

You would think that the 250 lb load would be live load to handle a guy hanging off the sprinkler because the load is not required at all supports at the same time.  UBC Table 16-B has live or dead written specifically for most of the loads except for a couple including sprinklers.

Speaking from recent experience when you are talking wood construction with ceiling joists that are already spanned to the limits, the difference between the load duration factor .9 for dead or 1.25 for roof live or 2 for impact, makes a world of difference.

Scott Haan, P.E.
DPW Ft Richardson, AK
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Scott Haan wrote:

. > Is the 250 lbs input as a live load?

Good question, Scott.  I don't know.  I quoted what the handbook said and it
didn't designate it as either a dead or live load.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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