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Bracing for Nail-Plate Wood Trusses

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I know this is an issue that was discussed several years ago, but I do not
know if a consensus (or an accord) has ever been reached.

The Plated Truss Institute still insists that the EOR should be the one to
design the bracing for the web members, along with the connection of the
bracing to the web members and the connection of the bracing to the
structure.  What a shift of liability!

I, of course, continue to believe that this ought to be dealt with by the
truss manufacturer or designer, since it something that cannot even remotely
be known by the EOR until after shop drawings are received.  Their handbook
even acknowledges that the "building designer" might be the home-owner or
contractor - then goes on to say that they should perform this engineering
design function.

The local building department just realized that this is not being done on
most of the buildings they see, so they want to see an engineer design the
web bracing for each truss roof that is specified by an engineer (I don't
know what they are doing for "house-designer" projects).

Is anyone aware if there has been any further action on this issue?  Or is
everyone but me just buckling under and doing the design?  How many were not
even aware that there was an issue here?
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