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RE: Wood Residential Truss

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Title: Wood Residential Truss
Hello Gerard,  We would require a copy of the manufactured truss report (calcs) in the field for the inspector.  If they were not available at the time of the submittal, we would not hold up the permit.   However, if there is dead load on the bottom chord of the truss, I would want to check the bottom chord loading to make sure it was designed for it.  Regardless, the submitted drawings shall include a roof framing plan ans roof slope.
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Subject: Wood Residential Truss

Is it normal for a building department to hold-up an issuance of a permit due to not having the design-build truss calcs in hand?I was under the impression, that the building permit would be issued with the deferred submittals required to be furnished prior to installation. I have a client who is very cost conscience and has only had preliminary pricing done from one or two truss places. She doesn't want to get final bids until everything is approved by the bldg dept, and I would imagine that the truss places won't release calcs until officially retained.

Anyway, if someone could educate me, I'd appreciate it.



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