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Re: Wood Residential Truss

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The Anchorage Building Department has for several years required
submittal of wood truss calculations as part of a residential permit
package.  These could be sealed by the engineer of the trusses but for
residential work do not need to be sealed.  On commercial projects these
calculations would be required to be sealed by the truss engineer and
could be part of the deferred submittal process allowed by the code. 
These would not be sealed by the project EOR.  Here and in most other
jurisdictions, sealing these calculations by the EOR would be illegal
under the licensure laws since they were not performed under the direct
supervision of the EOR.  If your building department/official is
requiring this additional stamp give them a copy of your state license
laws, and tell him not in this life time.     Or similar words.


Depends on the jurisdiction in my experience. The County of Ventura for
some time has required the
truss submittal be made prior to issuance of permit and release of
drawings. They have recently begun
requesting that the engineer of record wet stamp & sign the truss
manufacturers submittal, even though
the package is already wet stamped and signed by the truss design
I have a problem with this requirement, they are telling me I can't
treat this like a structural steel shop
drawing review and stamp it with our shop drawing stamp. When pressured
on the issue of signing with
my engineers seal and incurring unreasonable liability for the design,
their response is.....we only want
you to review to make sure the design is for adequate loading, vertical
and lateral (drag trusses). As far
as I'm concerned if my stamp is on their package, no court would allow
me to say "well, ya...but my
stamp is only for reviewing application of adequate loading".
I'm interested in others thoughts on this.
Mark D. Baker

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       Is it normal for a building department to hold-up an issuance of
a permit due to not
       having the design-build truss calcs in hand?I was under the
impression, that the building
       permit would be issued with the deferred submittals required to
be furnished prior to
       installation. I have a client who is very cost conscience and has
only had preliminary
       pricing done from one or two truss places. She doesn?t want to
get final bids until
       everything is approved by the bldg dept, and I would imagine that
the truss places won?t
       release calcs until officially retained.

       Anyway, if someone could educate me, I?d appreciate it.



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