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I think most masons prefer the single open end block.  I believe the double open block still has a fair amount of breakage due to shipping and handling on the jobsite. 

Blow-outs during grouting in open end cells can be a problem in cells with alot of rebar (example around the ledgers where you have anchor bolts and embeded washer plates, chord steel, possible added vertical wall steel as part of wall anchorages).  It there is any fracture in the the open end side face shell (for whatever reason), the grout vibrator, hitting the face shell or rebar in contact with the face shell can cause the face shell to completely fracture through and blow out causing a messs with the grout flowing out of the blowout.

Hope that helps

Michael Cochran

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I think it is difficult (read: "have to specify") NOT to get "H" blocks.

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In southern California, what kind of masonry unit (8"x8"x16") do you use in regular commercial construction?

Single Open End (A shape)? or Double Open End (H shape)?

Is there anything wrong to use Double Open End (H shape) if money is not a issue?

James Lin

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