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RE: Banded and distributed tendons

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Thanks Gil for the reply.
Wouldn't this mean  a one way slab detailing? (banded tendons in one direction and in the other direction are distributed).
Although by adapting the equivalent frame method for a 2 way flat slab design, certain percentages of the tendons are to be for the column strips, for both directions (in banded form) and the balance would go for the middle strips.
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Clause 18.12.4 covers this.

Banded tendons in both directions would not provide a load path to the supports for the middle area of  slab. in each panel, unless it was designed and reinforced separately to span as a 2way slab panel to the bands in each direction.

At 11:49 AM 17/03/2003 +0800, you wrote:
Are there a specific requirements in the code to design a flat slab using banded tendons? Why do we use distributed tendon instead of banded tendons on other direction if it is a two flat palte design?
Ronald Garcia

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