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Re: TEDDS & IES Software

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I am glad to hear this. I have TEDDS but due to lack of 
time, I have not developed much in the way of my own 
problem solutions.  I hope this will allow us to 
exchange/get some problem solutions.


On 14 Mar 2003 at 19:55, Dennis Wish wrote:

> To all TEDDS users and those who want to know more about it. 
> If you are not aware, CSC has created a Calculation Exchange on their
> website at The idea is to share templates with
> others and to learn how to use TEDDS more advanced features. 
> In addition, the Structuralist.Net has started a TEDDS Listservice.
> This List is a peer-to-peer discussion for who wish to learn more
> about the software's advanced features. Those of you who are
> interested in subscribing can do so by following this link:
> There are a many powerful features built within TEDDS that most of us
> don't know how to use. There are a couple of downloads on the TEDDS
> Calculation Exchange that provide some examples of this. CSC, as I
> understand it, is completing an advanced users manual but I believe a
> TEDDS Listservice will allow real-time help that we have learned to
> rely upon with the SEAINT list. 
> For those of you using Visual Analysis and other IES Software
> products, there is also an IES Listservice. This has been one of the
> most active Lists on the Structuralist.Net. While it is user supported
> representatives of IES also participate. If you are a use of an IES
> Software product, we invite you to subscribe to the IES List at:
> For those who wish to discuss engineering software in general please
> consider subscribing to the Software Listservice at:
> Regards,
> Dennis

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