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Re: Wood Residential Truss

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In a similar situation our office has sent the following letter to persons and their supervisor (or city attorney) when they insist that we stamp something we had nothing to do with.
You  would modify to fit your specific situation.

City, along with County personnel and most other individuals may not understand why we, as  Structural Engineers, refuse to sign and stamp certain plans and calculations.  There are three main reasons that Structural Engineers do not stamp and seal just anyone's plans and/or calculations.  I hope this clarifies for you the legal and ethical  reasons.

The first is that we do not know the all the requirements of Code and/or design  issues relating to the field of Architecture.  We are not knowledgeable or competent to assume responsibilities of an Architect or the plans that he or she may create.

The second is  our insurance provider, as with any company that provides coverage to design professionals, will not cover us for anything except Structural Engineering Services that we perform within our own corporation.

The third and probably most compelling: The Engineer of Record is required by state law to only stamp and seal plans and/or calculations for which he or she has been in responsible charge of (supervising the work).  If an engineer stamps and seals plans and/or calculations for which he or she has not been in responsible charge of, he or she is breaking state law and is subject to legal actions.  Most people are unaware of this  requirement within the Business and Professions Code of the Professional Engineers Act.

Joe Venuti

Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA