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RE: Torsion on a steel tube and AISC WINTORQ program

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I don't know if you subscribe to the Engineering Journal, but the latest issue (Vol. 39, No. 4) has the equations for the angle of twist and its 1st, 2nd and 3rd derivative, so you don't need to manually interpolate the charts in the Design Guide.
It is also my experience that AISC is both quick and thorough in their response to inquiries.
Gunnar H. Isleifsson
>have you contacted AISC yet?  My experience is that they're pretty responsive to questions like >that.  Don't know much about that program, sounds good, come across any negatives yet? (besides >the issue mentioned below)
I will try and contact AISC and let you know what I find out.  The WINTORQ program is an excellent design aid for torsion on wide flange members although it could be a bit more "output friendly".  It took me awhile, with the help of the Design Guide,  to figure out how to use the values it was providing.  The program gives all the values you would otherwise have to get by interpolating charts provided in the Design Guide.  It still takes another (easy) step to calculate rotation, shear stress and normal stress by hand.  For $30, it was a great investment!  :-)  
Thank you for the responses thus far!
Jesse Gobeli, P.E.
Dublin, OH