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RE: Beam unbraced length

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 >I think there is a general solution for lateral-torsional buckling in the
 >Guide to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures. I'm not 
 >sure (it's
 >at the office, I'm at home now) if it gives a way to account for a
 >non-prismatic or segmented member. This will be extremely complicated
 >because the segments have such different response. The ends with cover
 >plates form a closed cross-section, which will have insignificant warping
 >torsion and be dominated by pure torsion. The bare segment in between will
 >have both warping and pure torsion.

I'll check my Galambos when I get to the office, but I have the impression I'll have to find another way to make my miniscule, client-prescribed, architect-influenced steel profile to pass the stability criteria.

 >That's probably a wonderful derivation to do and will require several large
white boards/markers or chalkboards/chalk.

And my colleagues call ME a nerd 8-)


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