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Re: Federal Gov't Building Design

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Your best bet is to ask the agency through which work is being procured.
Federal buildings don't have to per the local building code unless the
federal government decides that they WANT to follow the local building
code.  The thing that complicates things if the NEHRP provisions.  The
NEHRP provisions essentially have two is a national seismic
standard that can then be used as a potential basis for model building
code, but it still needs to be adjusted since it is not written in
mandatory (code) language.  Thus, as it works now, the NEHRP is taken by
ASCE 7 and "codified".  The second role is to be a minimum design criteria
for federal projects (by some executive order).  Thus, it is entirely
possible that you may be required to use the NEHRP provisions as you
minimum criteria for seismic design on a federal project.  Basically, as I
understand it, all federal projects must now be designed under a code that
at least matches the NEHRP provisions.

So, the end result is that the RFP should spell that you for you (it did
when I did seismic evaluations of existing federal buildings for the GSA).
If not, then contact the procuring agency.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Wed, 19 Mar 2003, brian stanley wrote:

> List-
> What exactly are the seismic standards for buildings designed to be owned or
> leased by the federal government?  The local building code is IBC 2000,
> which, from what I understand, adopted the seismic provisions from the NEHRP
> "Recommended Provisions for Seismic Regulations" 1997.  I noticed that there
> is a 2000 version of NEHRP "Recommended Provisions for Seismic Regulations".
> Does this mean that a new building should be designed for seismic provisions
> greater than IBC 2000?  Does anyone know where I get info on the differences
> between the 1997 and the 2000 versions.  The RFP for which we are designing
> mentions NISTIR 5382 Standards of Seismic Safety for Existing Federally
> Owned and Leaser Buildings.  After a review of this document, I don't see
> anything that changes the design procedure or detailing which would be done
> for IBC 2000.  Has anyone read this document and found otherwise?
> Brian Stanley, P.E.

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