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RE: TS Bm Web Buckling

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>I have a fairly heavily loaded TS section used
>as a bm.  I want to check the vertical (webs)
>of the section for web yielding and crippling,
>but using ASD methodology.  I know that makes
>some of you shake, but for office politics I 
>must.  Is it OK to use equations from chapter
>K of the specs to do this as used on pages 2-141
>and 142 using 2 walls instead of one web (from
>the bm in the example).

The ASD equations for these limit states and LRFD equations for these limit
states are virtually identical. In ASD, the 5/3 and 4/3 factors are load
factors that get you pseudo-factored forces for which you check with the

Two walls are active for an HSS (assuming both are loaded) where one web is
active for a wide-flange beam. Thus, a factor of 2 is appropriate (and
consistent with what we have done in the HSS Connections Manual.

>Also, are there any ASD texts out there written to
>ASD design of tubular steel structures?

I'm not aware of one.


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