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Re: TEDDS & IES Software

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There is a lot of power built into TEDDS that most of us don't know about and I am one of them. I dug into learning TEDDS and found that the resources are not so clear, but received a lot of help from Carl Taylor and Ian Bond. I think this is the trick, but for some reason the majority of materials that I have been provided with are written from a developers point of view and this does not really simplify the process of learning to use these advanced features.

I don't think that MathCad is much different - I had difficulty learning to use many of the features of Mathcad that took time to learn. I favor TEDDS because it is written by engineers and provides a great many more features that serve our profession than Mathcad. A Users forum and Software Exchange is an ideal aid as long as we have the support of Ian Bond and others who have the knowledge but need to "dumb it down" a bit to give us some step by step instruction.

CSC (developer of TEDDS) is producing a Table Painter which will help simplify the creation of tables that can be added to the TEDDS built-in Structural Library.

Gary, the key is to unit the TEDDS users as IES Software did with their users. This keeps the learning processes moving along so that we can all benefit from reduced down time while we learn to use these powerful features. I hope that TEDDS users will start to participate on both the TEDDS Listservice ( ) as well as the TEDDS Software Exchange (

For all others, this is not meant to pull users from the SEAINT List. I am proud to have been one of the developers of the SEAINT List which, to my pleasure, has taken on a life of its own. The TEDDS Listservice is a specialized software Listservice that might be more appropriate in a List of its own as we did with Bill Polhemus's original IES software (Visual Analysis).

I look forward to your participation, but please remember that it is only as good as the participation that the subscribers provide.


Dennis S. Wish, PE


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Subject: Re: TEDDS & IES Software

I am glad to hear this. I have TEDDS but due to lack of time, I have not developed much in the way of my own problem solutions. I hope this will allow us to exchange/get some problem solutions.