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RE: Site storage of joists

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>I have a client who is considering the possibility
>of storing fabricated structural steel, steel deck,
>and steel joists on-site for up to one year due to
>construction delays.  The steel is specified as not
>primed.  The deck is specified as painted.  The
>joists are specified as primed.
>Does anyone know of published guidelines for on-site
>storage of these products for as long as one year?

The SDI recommendations you quoted for deck storage are all I'm aware of as
storage is not a usual need. You might use the deck recommendations as a
guide for all the steel and adapt/modify as appropriate for the specifics of
your job.

What are the consequences of corrosion? If it is steel that is to be
enclosed in building finish, there may be none.

Some aspects that might require further consideration include if there are
slip-critical bolted joints with surface prep requirements that would be
affected or if there is field painting that would be affected by the
corrosion. A few other questions... Is there enough room on the site to
store all the steel? Can the volume of steel be covered as recommended by
SDI? Would it be less expensive to buy warehouse space if protection is

Hope this helps.


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