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RE: Arched ceiling w brick veneer

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Title: RE: Arched ceiling w brick veneer


Try using a "Concealed Lintel System" by Halfen Anchoring Systems.  Page 7 of their "Anchors for Masonry" shows the detail at a concrete beam. I personally have never used the system but it looks applicable to your situation.  Also very $$$

Brian Stanley, P.E.

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Subject: Arched ceiling w brick veneer

This a general question as I don't have job yet, but I
have bid it.
It is for an addition to a winery.  The architect has
shown an arched concrete ceiling (low arch) in a
basement.  That's not the problem.  He wants to cover
it with brick to emulate the old wine cellars in
Europe.  It should look great.  How do I get the brick
to stay up there.  There is not enough weight( I
believe) to create an arch action.  How do I fasten the
brick to the concrete arch and keep the fastening
In the meantime I am offering to go to Europe and see
how they built theirs.  I might even have to drink some
wine (including the damn French stuff) in order to
better appreciate the style of construction.
TIA  Gary

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