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Re: Arched ceiling w brick veneer

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Section 1403 of the UBC has rules for masonry veneer, both adhered and

If the masonry units are thin [in the range of 1"], use an adhered veneer,
using mortar to adhere the masonry to the concrete.  In the overhead
condition, an expanded metal lath anchored to the concrete may make the
assembly more secure,  However, once the assembly is completed, arch action
will tend to help hold the ceiling in place and minimize the demand on the
adhesion action.

For full-thickness brick units, use the rules for anchored veneer.  Be sure
that there is positive gravity-load support for the weight of the masonry at
the spring-line.  Again, arch action will contribute to the stability of the
ceiling, and minimize demand on anchors to hold the completed assembly in
place overhead.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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