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Stainless steel and galv steel in contact and luminaires

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		We have recently done a couple of projects where the
contract documents required us to weld A 706 rebar to stainless plate then
have the assembly galvanized. That weld was with an E309 electrode. In the
field, a stainless slug was placed between two of these galvanized stainless
plates and welded. That weld was with an E308 electrode. I asked a welding
engineer who said it would be OK if they used the correct "whipping" action
to burn off the zinc and we proceeded. I was surprised to find only one weld
out of thousands in the field that had any defect: some porosity.
		I recall that the latest version of the NEC changed the word
"fixture" to "luminaire." I thought I had made a note of it, but cannot find
it right now.
	Jim Getaz
	Winchester, Virginia

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